Frequently Asked Questions

GEI Lubricants was founded on reducing friction. Not the friction we think about how synthetic lubricants can reduce but the friction in business.

We think customers should interact with our company smoothly, fast, no heat buildup and in a manner that both customers and employees actually enjoy. That’s our mission, credo, strategy or whatever you want to call it. We started in 1995 exporting USA made sewing thread worldwide, then on to medical supplies and new product development until today where we are the engineers and manufacturers of the highest quality synthetic compression oil and synthetic food grade lubricants in the industry.

Give us a call at 914-458-5141 or email and let’s see what we can do to solve your problem, improve your bottom line, reduce energy waste and most of all reduce friction…machine or business. See what we can do for you and see what our products can do for your machines and business. Contact us today to get a quote.

We provide a lot of knowledge about synthetic lubricants on this website but sometimes it’s just easier to ask…give us a call or send the form.